Hi there let me introduce myself, my name is Taneisha and I have recently been appointed as the ladies co-ordinator for Regents Park Saints.

As part of the committee our number 1 priority is to re establish the Female Football program.

In our short history of the Female football program, we have been able to achieve
• Runner up title in 2018
• Grand final winners in 2019
• Provide approximately 33% of all registered players in 2019.
• Had under 12s,14s,16s and All Age Ladies in 2020. (These teams never got on the field due to Covid 19).
• Played in the church’s competition in 2021.

In the past 2 years we have battled to get teams re-established. With the assistance of some girls/ladies this season we have been able to once again play for Regents Park Saints.

Just a special thanks to the original 6 ladies who were part of the original girl squad in 2016.

Thanks for coming home and staying loyal to your club.

We are already focusing on 2024 and bringing back Under 14 and 16s squads.

Good Luck ladies for season 2023 just know that the committee is working hard and will listen to any concerns that you may have.


– Taneisha

Over 16’s

Coach: TBA
Training Nights: TBA

All Ages Ladies

Coach: TBA
Training Nights: 6:30 PM Monday & Wednesday

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