It took just 3 weeks for the 1959 St Johns committee to organise and register nine teams in its inaugural season with Granville Association. St Johns has always been more than just a soccer club. As it names Implies, St Johns originally was an extension of the Marist Brother’s Auburn and that of Brother Ivan Short ideas.

 The club colours of Maroon and Gold were also extension of the school which also donned the same colours. During the 1970’s and after many home grounds the club was officially handed Webb’s Avenue. During the 1980’s there were 3 specific things that happened.

  • 1981 Saw the introduction of female soccer at the club.
  • 1983 Won its first club championship 
  • 1988 the premier league side won the Cottam Club for the first time.

In the 1990 the club achieved 3 more club championship in the years 1992,1996 and 1997.We were also blessed to have the presence of what was to be a future Socceroo Mark Milligan during the 1990s.St Johns has suffered many setbacks in the years between 2006-2011.With the introduction of new rules from the association at the time it was recommended that the club’s name be changed. After the Annual general meeting of September 2011, it was agreed that new name would be Regents Parks Saints Football club which it has to this day.

On the top of the name change the club was dealt a blow from Auburn Council and was moved out of Webb’s Avenue the home it had for over 30 years. 

The club was relocated to Princes Park where it remains to this day.

During this period, we had many great teams but there was a group of young men coached by Jim Spanos and team manager Lisa Spanos who with backs to wall were able to win many premierships for the club back-to-back and were one of most successful sides in the past decade.

In the season of 2016 after absence of a decade a dedicated group of girls, with the support of the parents the club was able to re-establish female football. 

This group of young ladies with no previous soccer experience was able to win the runners up title in 2018 and then went on to win the Clubs First premiership title as Regents Park in 2019.

Unfortunately  in 2020 Covid 19 hit worldwide, and once again the club committee had to make another crucial call  that was to suspend playing for most teams with the exception of the Under 10s,15,16 and Over 35s.These teams represented the club that year with all committee members looking after each side and ensure that all rules were followed.

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