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Both boys and girls are able to be registered to play in mixed team. From the ages of 5 until 14 years of age girls are able to play with the male counterparts. After this age girls will be required to play in the women’s competition. In this competition there are no semi’s, grand finals and no competition ladder recorded.


The men’s competition and the mixed competition including the mini roo are governed by Granville soccer association.

The association itself was founded in 1902 and up until last 20 years was known to be the biggest association in southern hemisphere.

The season normally starts at the beginning of April of each year and completed by the mid-August for the home and away season. Teams that make the finals will have the season extended to mid-September.

Game day are predominately played on Saturday from as early 8.30 am for the mini roos competition to the last scheduled match of the 3.00 pm for the All age or over 35 or 45 men’s competition.

Ages 12 and above can play finals football if they finish in the top 4 of the competition ladders.

They will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

For scheduled fixtures for the season please go Granville soccer website or game guru app.

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